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A uniquely different approach to accountancy services.

Based in Castleford, serving South and West Yorkshire.

Is your accountant illusive?

Do you feel unsure what you pay for?

Are they generally uninterested in your goals?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then it could well be time to talk to Prosper Accountancy because our clients will always answer ‘no’.

A new approach to accountancy

Prosper Accountancy was founded to prove to you that there is another way for accountants to work.

To have a proactive relationship with their clients…

To be available to talk to…

To provide advice in plain English…

To understand your business goals and help you achieve them…

So that whatever size your business is, whatever marketplace you work in, whatever stage of growth you are at… you understand your finances and have experts on your side.

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Expert Accounting Services

Efficient Accounting Solutions

We provide comprehensive accounting services to businesses.

Sole Trader

If you are self-employed then the last thing you want to be spending your time on is your accounts and end-of-year tax return.

Chances are you wanted more flexibility and freedom in life.You certainly didn’t start your own business to spend hours working on the figures.

Prosper Accountancy take all the hassle away, so that you know exactly where you stand financially at all times.

Limited Companies

If your team feels like a family, with the same values and mission, then it’s vital your accountant feels like part of that team.

You need them to be proactive, providing advice and guidance, responding to your queries… and you need real time reporting on your finances.

We tailor our service to fit your needs.  And, because we’re invested, if your needs change so will our service.

Growing Limited Companies

If you are a scaling company, then cash really is king.

Your finances and projections need to be accurate and up to date so you know exactly where you’re at, at all times.

You need transparent and clear expert advice to allow you to plan and achieve your goals.The relationship you have with your accountant, and the value they provide to your business, needs to be exceptional.

Partnering with Prosper Accountancy will provide peace of mind that your finances are in the safest hands.

prosper accountancy director Micheal Harle working in their office

Why Choose Prosper Accountancy

At Prosper Accountancy, we use our many years of experience to work with our clients.

Quite frankly, we grew tired of working for practices who do what they do because that’s the way they’ve always done it.

The world of business has moved on – and so have we!

We are business owners.

We are a family run company.

We operate on clear and transparent values.

We put our clients first.

We go through what every other business goes through – what you go through.

It just so happens that our service is accountancy, whereas yours isn’t…What that means is that we understand. We know what a rollercoaster business can be.  And that is exactly why we operate in the way we do. To support you and your business to achieve your goals.

Prosper Accountancy – unique and creative – offering bespoke, transparent, and value-adding accountancy services for tomorrow, not yesteryear!

prosper accountancy directors michael harle and Rachel Brocklehurst