How We Work – Prosper Accountancy’s Clients

One of the things Prosper Accountancy’s clients will tell you, is that what makes us different to other accountancy practices is the way we work. Whether you are a sole trader or a large limited company, our services are transparent and tailored to you.

Who we work with

Sole Traders

Limited Companies

Growing Limited Companies

Prosper Accountancy’s clients – Sole Trader

If you are self-employed then the chances are you have plenty going on without having to worry about your end of year self-assessment tax return.

And if you’ve not kept on top of your receipts and invoices then just thinking about going through them all and working it out can feel very overwhelming… and that’s before you try and negotiate the HMRC’s website!

Maybe you’ve had an accountant, but you never hear from them… or they’ve messed up your tax return and you’ve been fined by the HMRC.

“I know my sector really well, but I struggle to relate that back to the finances of the business. I'd be worried about getting it wrong, so I'd approach a professional.”

Name – Company

Prosper Accountancy is different.



Are open and transparent


Keep in regular contact


Provide you with all the information and advice you need


Have no hidden fees


Will be as involved in your business financials as you wish us to be – if you want to scale your business, we’re there by your side.


Work with Cloud software so you don’t have to keep bags full of paper receipts

Prosper Accountancy’s clients– Limited Companies

Limited companies with a small team often feel like a family. Everyone is close.  Everyone understands the values of the business and where they are heading.

So, if an accountant feels like an outsider because they’re hands-off and hard to get hold of, the relationship is all wrong.  And if the relationship isn’t right then you start to question what value you’re receiving for your money.

Prosper Accountancy understands that being a family run company ourselves.

It's exactly why we:

- Pride ourselves on being approachable and always respond to any contact quickly

- Provide a quality, transparent service which is genuinely value for money

- Become a long-term trusted partner business for our clients

- Work with businesses who have the same value as we do

“We are impressed with the pro activity of MH and love that they are proactive instead or reactive. They pre-empt what could happen.”

Prosper Accountancy’s clients– Growing Limited Companies

You have a team, and the business is starting to really scale up. You may well have an accountant but you’re not sure what you’re getting for your money.

They’re difficult to contact to get advice. There’s really no relationship there.Prosper Accountancy operate differently.

They understand that as your business grows it is vital for you to have regular input from your accountant.

Your numbers are all important and you need to know exactly where you stand in real time.

You need the human touch, someone to become part of your extended inner team. And that’s exactly what we become.

“We consider MH part of our trusted circle and feel like we can talk to him about anything that's going on within our circle and know that he can give us professional advice.”

When it comes to growing Limited Companies, we:

Provide value for money and are transparent in what we do for you

Give our advice to help you achieve your business goals whilst making a profit

Keep you updated both through online, real-time reporting, and in person

Become your trusted, long-term partner

Are we a good fit for you?

Whatever type of business you run, whatever size it is, whatever stage you are at, Prosper Accountancy will tailor our services to your needs.

We will be there when you need us.You will have regular information about your finances so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

Our team get it! We’ve worked in practices where communication with clients is non-existent and replying to a query is put to the bottom of the to-do list.

And that’s why we will never do that to our clients.

The easiest way to find out if we’re the right fit for you is to book a call.  Let’s have a chat and see what you think about becoming one of Prosper Accountancy’s clients.