Prosper Accountancy's Story

Prosper Accountancy was created for one reason – to put the client first!

After 20 years working in both small and national accountancy practices, Prosper’s founder, Michael, knew only too well that many of those companies put their own needs before those of the businesses they represented.

He was determined to do things differently.

And so, Prosper Accountancy was born.

Prosper Accountancy's directors, Rachel and Micheal

A business owner looking after the interests of other business owners

One of the distinct differences between Prosper Accountancy and many other practices is that Michael views his business as no different to those of his clients.

He goes through the exact same pressures, demands, and challenges as any other founder of a company.

He is able to put himself in his client’s shoes – and that is how he has designed Prosper’s services… to meet his client’s needs.

Prosper Accountancy’s core values are embodied into everything they do. 
They include:

Prosper Accountancy’s core values are embodied into everything they do. They include:







Advisor – Client Relationship

Michael and his team get to know you and your business.

They gain an understanding of where the business is now, and where you want it to be… and they know that goals change over time.

Their agile approach enables them to provide you with the service you require, at the time you require it.

They also ensure you understand your ‘numbers’, explaining everything in laymen’s terms.

Regular meetings are scheduled so that you are fully aware of the position of your finances, and you then can update Prosper with any changes in the business or to your plans.

Their aim – to enable you to build, grow, and prosper!


Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our success

Michael Harle Accountant
Michael Harle

Formula One nut, Michael, is also a bit of a fitness fanatic enjoying nothing more than a long run on a crisp, cool day.

His favourite animal is a goat (we’re not sure why!)

His accountancy journey started over 26 years ago and he’s both been an accountant and a commercial director – so he gets both sides of the coin.

He’s an all-round genuine guy and because he understands business, he’s not just a name behind an email or screen…  he will be an extension to your team.

Rachel Brocklehurst operations Directo
Rachel Brocklehurst
Operations Director

Don’t hold this against her but Rachel is a McFly fan!  In fact, her ambition is to meet all the members of the group (she’s only met Danny so far!)

Rachel’s strength in business is her ability to organise anything and anyone – it comes from working in the childcare sector for over 20 years.

As Operations Director for Prosper, she ensures all deadlines are met, all communications are transparent, and everyone knows what they need to do – both Prosper’s team and their clients.

Somehow, Rachel also finds time to manage Prosper’s social media accounts effectively… no one’s sure quite how!

Every company desperately needs a Rachel … but we’re sorry, Michael’s not going to let her go anywhere!

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Some of our clients

THE BORING STUFF Qualifications, accreditations, insurances, etc

We are registered as an Accountancy Service Provider with HMRC Registration Number XKML00000158885

We are registered with ICO Registration Number ZB389824

Insurance provided by AXA Policy Number ACSPI 4601548

Accountant Micheal Harle working in their office in Castleford